Working in the Community


As a therapist in this beautiful, small beach town, I see my role not only as a therapist but also as an educator. I have been honored to work with schools, non-profit organizations, and companies to spread the word on issues relevant to each group.

For Teens & Their Family

Teens and Technology: What Every Parent Needs to Know provides families with information regarding social media and how their teens are affected. I provide a general overview of the apps that are out there and then zoom in my focus to the top 3 apps I hear about by the experts themselves- the teens.

Parents will walk away feeling empowered with information, tools on how to express concerns and curiosity with their child, and knowledge of how to keep their teens safe.

I have spoken to parents at Fusion Learning Academy, as well as both the parents and freshmen class of Vistamar School. Additionally, I have been hosted by numerous local chapters of the National Charity League, speaking both to the mothers and to the teens directly and have been invited by American Martyrs Church to speak with the parents of teenagers as they strive to learn how to parent amongst the ever-changing social media landscape.

My presentations are largely centered around issues that are affecting the youth today and can be tailored to a school or group’s individual needs.

For more information on speaking arrangements related to teen mental health, please contact me.

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For Those Interested in Corporate Wellness

For many of us, we spend 40 plus hours a week in our offices. America’s lifestyle is based on the premise that productivity is key to success and typically, our lives outside of work can be put on the backburner in order to ensure that we are progressing in our career.

Understanding, that this is a growing issue, I have created presentations at numerous corporations, focusing on Work-Life Balance, Time Management, and Communicating in the Work Place.

These workshops provide employees with the opportunity to see how they are spending their time, identify what they want to change, and how to balance all of this while still remaining productive and fulfilled at work  and in their lives outside of the office.

My presentations are largely centered on balancing areas of your life and how to utilize your time wisely to ensure that you remain inspired in your career and to reduce feelings of burn out. Prior to the workshop, I speak with employees of the company in order to ensure that the presentation is tailored to the specific needs of the business.

For more information on speaking arrangements related to corporate wellness, please contact me.

Previous clients include: