The Luck of the Irish

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and as we put on our green shirts and shamrocks, we are all hoping that the Luck of the Irish will rub off on us in some way and that we make it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Regardless of what we are looking to find, we all want to be lucky. Luck has many definitions, but just so we are on the same page (pun unintended), I consulted none other than the lovely Mirriam Webster.

Luck is defined as,

“a:. a force that brings good fortune or adversity

b. the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual.”

Ok, got it. Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about how this topic is important to us today and the other 364 days when we may or may not wear green, eat potatoes, and draw rainbows on our planners.  For the true Irish people out there- not the ones wearing green shirts that say “Trust me, I’m Irish,”- they may have difficulty accepting and embracing their luck. Why you ask? Because, as it turns out, the Irish aren’t inherently lucky. This phrase was the result of the success many Irish and Irish-American men experienced as miners. They found the gold. They got rich. They experienced the luck of the irish. Good for them! However, this gold did not fall into their lap. They didn’t find it at the bottom of a rainbow. They worked for it.

I am not telling you this to ruin your celebrations or to get you to stop eating those Lucky Charms- they are magically delicious. I am telling you this so you feel empowered to create your own luck, and share ways you can do so without becoming a miner- you’re welcome.

We often feel like we are waiting for a struck of luck to hit us. We need that force or circumstance to make things break in our favor. However, luck is not found or experienced passively; luck is made. Similar to happiness, it takes personal effort to provide the universe with an opportunity to present fortuitous circumstances.

In order to make a wish, we need to have one. In order to ask for luck, you have to know what would make you feel lucky.You wouldn’t blow out your birthday candles without thinking of what you wanted- you stop, think, and then ta-da, no more burning candles.  Life is like that. Blow out your candles, picture yourself getting what you’ve always wanted, and put yourself in situations where luck can get to you. Be intentional.  Talk to the right people. Be open-minded. Say YES to things you otherwise wouldn’t. And most importantly, remind yourself that you deserve happiness. The lucky ones are the ones that believe in themselves, even when others don’t.

            Sending luck and love your way as you embrace this journey.