3 Ways to Bloom and Blossom During Spring

Well everyone, spring is officially here. The days are getting longer and I haven’t stopped sneezing since Daylight Savings.  Spring suggests an opportunity to rid yourselves of things you don’t need- whether it is those clothes that take up space in your closet, the shoes that hurt your feet, and situations, or people, that stunt your growth- now is the time to clean house, change up your routine, and create room for your better self to


    The flowers that are blanketing hillsides across Southern California are breathtaking. They are a reminder of how change itself can be gorgeous and magnificent. Without it, these flowers would cease to exist. Yes, change can be scary, and confusing, and unsettling. I’ve experienced all of those side effects. But that is the thing to remember: that’s only a piece of the larger experience.  There are ways to embrace this process and create something beautiful in the midst of change. 

But, how?

1. Find your roots

Your roots can be your home, your best friend, your significant other, your gym, front yard, or heck, I don’t care, your coffee maker. Your roots are whatever makes you feel stable. Ground yourself in the areas that you feel in control of and comfortable. When you know you’ve got a solid base under you, changes don’t feel as unnerving. You may even begin to feel EXCITED about what’s to come.

2. Ground Your Energy

This can be especially difficult if change is buzzing around you like a swarm of bees and you don’t know how to get away from them. But, first things first, find your roots, and then ground your energy. Plant yourself in a space where you can focus and get intentional on what you need to do in order to move forward (i.e. create short-term goals, make sure you have an Epipen if you’re allergic to bees, etc.).

3. Plant your seeds

Once you know what you need to do, whether it is tangible or psychological, begin by taking baby steps, like you would if you were creating a garden. Find the right soil, plant the seed, provide it with sunlight, and water.

Be patient; it won’t blossom overnight.

And when it does, appreciate the beauty that you created by allowing the change to happen.



Change is the one constant in our world, other than death and taxes, but I do not want to be blogging about thatChange is scary because familiarity is comforting. And, if we decide to look at change with a different lens and welcome the change, like we welcomed the spring (and all of this darn pollen), we will adapt and be stronger for doing so.

Keep blooming, you beautiful wildflowers.