Why's Words

With this being my first blog, I wanted to introduce who I am, why I am writing, and ways in which I think my words of wisdom can be particularly useful to you- whoever you are. To the person (and hopefully people) out there reading this, thank you for listening. I am an every day girl that has had training and experience listening to others’ stories- not to mention, I’ve lived over twenty-something years and have created (and told) many stories of my own. My intention in creating this blog is to create a place where we can discuss the current issues that are affecting everyone in today’s messy, complicated, and beautiful world. As a therapist, I look at things systemically and relationally- we are all connected, and thus, it is important to have a place where we can connect the dots and understand how what may seem like an individual issue is often affecting most people- and what an amazing and comforting experience that is to know that you are not alone! So that is my goal for this place. I want to talk about things that plague us all- technology, relationships, current events- and offer you ways of not only dealing with the struggles that come up, but owning them, and understanding how it affects you.

With awareness, we can all learn to love and accept ourselves a little more. If this sounds intriguing, or event slightly interesting for that matter, I invite and encourage you to join me on this entertaining, deepening, and light-hearted ride. I promise it will be worth it.